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Future Scope of E-Rickshaw In India

By gauriauto Updated on September 26, 2019.

According to the researches, the E-Rickshaw market of INDIA is estimated to witness the sale of 10 lacks E-Rickshaws by the end of 2025.

The Indian market has seen the substantial growth in the past years as they have gained huge popularity in the field of last mile connectivity and they have become a good source of self-employment to the poor people. In addition to that government subsidies and strict rules to curb air pollution has given a boost to the market of E-Rickshaw. India is reeling under many problem and the major one is air pollution, poor air quality impacting health of citizens because of the conventional fuel engines has also given a boost to the E-Rickshaw market. Government is also taking initiative as they are providing subsidies on lithium ion battery, reducing the electricity cost of charging stations, FAME 2 scheme etc. which will further push the E-Rickshaw market. Record of number of electric vehicles sold in the past years:


  • In the year 2016, 51 thousand electric vehicles were sold in Indian market.
  • In the year 2017, the figure has increased from 51 thousand to 87 thousand.
  • In the year 2018, the figure has shown substantial increase of 131 thousand electric vehicles being sold.

Why Indians are choosing Indian E-Rickshaws over Chinese E-Rickshaws:
At the early stage when electric rickshaws were gaining popularity, Chinese electric rickshaws became talk of the town because they were cheap and affordable which attracted the Indian customers but what seems to be cheap soon became a disaster to the owners of electric rickshaws. Short life span of chassis, poor built quality, lack of availability of spare parts, major safety concerns etc. has created a disturbance in the market and these problems led to the downfall of Chinese electric rickshaw in the Indian market.

This downfall has given a great opportunity to Indian manufacturer to manufacture the electrical rickshaws according to the need of market and it gained huge popularity globally. Indian companies were able to provide the better quality E-Rickshaws, they are more robust and reliable as compared to the Chinese electric rickshaws. 

Future Scope:
Electric three wheeler rickshaws seems to have a promising future but Indian manufacturer has to gain the trust of customers by providing them premium quality electric rickshaws along with trendy designs then India can easily overtake china with Electric Rickshaw revolution. Government is also promoting electric vehicles in fleet operations and public transport because of the rise of air pollution. Government is also planning to spend 40 billion rupees in the next 4-5 years to improve the electric vehicle infrastructure, also they are providing subsidies.

Future Challenges:
The future of electric rickshaws seems to be promising but very challenging, lack of availability of charging stations has become the major hindrance, along with that the charging time of conventional lead acid battery is 8 hours (approx.). Lithium ion batteries are in limelight because of their long life span and fast charging, but the price of lithium ion batteries is very high which makes it unaffordable for the customers. Nowadays a new concept called battery swapping stations is becoming population but again the cost of setting up the infrastructure is very high.

Electric rickshaws has replaced the conventional rickshaws, although their speed is very low but has proved to be a better solution to the last mile connectivity. Electric rickshaws has contributed a lot in curbing the air pollution which is the major concern for the human mankind and environment. Low maintenance, fun to drive, eco-friendly makes the future of electric vehicles promising. 
You can also contribute to the environment just by choosing electric rickshaws as the public transport.